The MPM Motors idea is born in 2010,
The start-up is composed of a young and hyperactive team, which designs and develops quickly its first model, the PS160.
The adventure becomes concrete with the opening of the production chain in the Paris region in January 2016.

The UE homologation of the PS160 in December 2016 will be the starting point for the young team of MPM Motors.
The PS160 and his evolution the ERELIS is proof that a sports car, which is affordable and built in France, is possible.

At the beginning of September 2018, a new PSA 1.2L 130hp Turbo engine, marks the last development phase of the PS.
The ERELIS project is therefore launched and available for pre-order.


The project is simple:
Offer sporty looking vehicles for a budget of less than € 17,000, to satisfy an audience that is unaffordable.


Its unique design for a production car that combines tubular frame and composite body, (Design principle that is found in motor sports).
Our vehicles are 10 to 25% lighter than their counterparts in the same categories which gives it sporty dynamics and an attractive power to weight ratio.


next ?

We are currently preparing an SUV and an electric city car among others, all based on the same principles of price, production and options policy.

The only difference with ERELIS will be radically more modern and aggressive designs.