Warranty Registration

2 year warranty or 200,000 km
1st of the two terms expired / in accordance with the general conditions of sale.

  1. An confirmation request email will be sent to you before 10 days maximum.
  2. It will only remain to send us by e-mail for the requested proof by mail.
  3. I understand that MPM Motors will not be able to register my guarantee if I do not send the correct documents or information.

We undertake not to use the information on this form for commercial or marketing purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy and the protection of personal data. Your personal information is only intended to frame the warranty of your MPM MOTORS vehicle and will not be passed on to third parties.

  • If you can not send this form, contact us by mail via contact@mpm-motors.com​
  • If you do not see the form in your language: right click / "Translate this page to ..." the most part of internet browsers have a similar function.